• Sara Noronha Ramos

    Sara Noronha Ramos

    Learning Designer & Facilitator | Podcast Host @ Learning Day — https://anchor.fm/learning-day | Hyper Island Alumna

  • Caroline Harborow

    Caroline Harborow

  • Franka Grubisic

    Franka Grubisic

    Starting businesses that create positive change. Perfectionist, workaholic, over-achiever. Award-winning scholar, professional, and artist.

  • Kirsten W.

    Kirsten W.

    Wildhearted rebel catalyzing fluidity for becoming nature in life and work🌳#nonbinary #trans (she/they)

  • lindsey_green


    Co-founder @franklygw , champion for creativity and curiosity, changing how museums work through research, design and tech.

  • Steph Lowe

    Steph Lowe

  • Fran Cook

    Fran Cook

    I am the co-founder of AndGood, a studio and network using design for good. I want to make the world a better place through design.

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